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A regular flowering plant which blooms round the year, with less care and effort. Hibiscus hybrids are huge, multi-colored, multi-shaped, splashy, and amazing.

All our hibiscus are tropical hibiscus. Tropical hibiscus can only live outside year-round in warm climates .They have a very long blooming season and into winter in places. They shed a few leaves at a time all year round, so although they do shed all their leaves each year, it's not noticeable, because they are covered with green leaves all the time.

Exotic Hibiscus

Fewer bigger, more complex flowers, less foliage, smaller bushes.

The new, large, wildly colored, crazily different hibiscus are what we call as exotic hibiscus. Their bushes usually don't grow as big or as vigorously as garden variety hibiscus, but the flowers are much more spectacular. Producing such large multi-colored flowers requires good nutrition and some tender loving care, but there is nothing more rewarding than the beautiful blooms these exotic hibiscus produce.

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